Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Time to push the envelope, a little.

One good thing about the internet is that it helps me explore the world around me more. I like to learn about the new cultures and peoples with little problem in getting the information. Ya3ny I might like to travel, but the internet also helps me find out about the places I might not get the chance to visit and cultures I don’t really want to experience in person anyway. The internet also teaches things about my own culture that I didn’t know about before, and even if that information that is a little wrong about my culture I admit that there is no smoke without the fire and some truth maybe there. But the question is how much truth and what am I even referring to anyway?

Well, I read about a very, very, very embarrassing phenomina on that slightly embarrassing blog by Balushi (that for some reason Nomaadic and Ali are linking to from their page) about the degenerates living in that ghetto hell called Satwa. I feel sick just typing this on my keyboard but apparently young UAE National men are being employed as ‘bottom feeders’ for male European expats. I try to be open minded about the gays because I am open-minded about most things in this life and even though I like to joke around with these rants, this rant is not going to be one of them. I touched on this subject before here and I will talk about it briefly again now, because Arabs don’t like to talk about taboo things like ‘sexuality’ nearly enough as we should do.

I see when I read non Arab’s appraisals about Arab men, it usually follows the ideas of their own personal sexual fantasies or fears. These misunderstandings that are made about us are usually made out of ignorance. Stories about the sexual ferocity of our species and how we like to do each others butts only arise from the pittyful situation of prison sex syndrome (which I think is an exaggerated phenomina anyway), also from the fact that we wear Dishdashas not trousers (this is feminine in their eyes), and also from the fact that we are tactile with each other (rubbing noses when we meet and holding hands when walk). For European origin people this could be unnerving or arousing coz it suddenly seems like we are all bi-sexual. But one thing they should remember whether their ideas about us are true or not, we are also Muslims and we have a strict code of rules regarding relationships sexual and otherwise and a lot of us still believe and act to these rules.

So this takes me back to the behavior of the residence of Satwa. Talk about living up to a disgusting sterotype. Right? First a question for the locals and any other Arab anywhere else in this country who does this thing: Why do it? The UAE isn’t Saudi Arabia. If you need something tight to poke then there are plenty of females around who will be willing to be open for you. (And to the respectable ladies reading this blog, sorry to be crude, I am not trying to offend… and trust me, you will be thanking me later when your best friend’s husband’s ex male lover comes knocking at their door 5 years after they got married missing his Local sugar daddy… and that it isn’t YOUR husband he is looking for).

So here is my message to Arab men and their western male 'admirers':

Unmarried brothers, I recommend that you wait. Wait and stay a virgin like yours truly until the wedding night. I have no shame of admitting to the world that I didn’t endulge in any sexual activities before I married: I never screw around with expat tourist girls, Filipina workers or Moroccan and Russian prostitutes NOR no same sex actions as an outlet when I was younger not even the ‘mm’. Abstinence is a good thing and wait till you get married to release your seeds and discover the joy of exploring your sexuality with your wife and growing together as a family in that relationship.

Now the second part is for the gay expats who come to the UAE to take advantage of a bad situation. I am not targeting all gays, just those who are here looking for str8 Arab studs that are not four legged: Get the fcuk back to the UK or US or whatever Arian backwater you come from. And please, please don’t misunderstand me in these words. I am not being my usual tongue-in-cheek self like I normally am on this blog. I am being 101% serious so there is no need to try read between the lines on this paragraph. I am asking you to leave, all of you. Just disappear you bunch of limp wristed Lawrence of Arabia wannabies. If you so need the Arab meat that you crave for, I suggest you go back to Morocco and continue corrupting the men there like you did back in the 70’s and 80’s, when you turned that stunning place into a wholesale sex destination like the Philippians and Thailand of today. Go there and do it, but don’t risk doing it here, not in my beautiful country because you will have to pray that none of your type come across any of my type because the scene will finish in blood, Walahi. And I guarantee that you and we will have a gay *bashing* ol’time.

Warning fin